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I’m an illustrator currently based near London but originally from Denmark, where (with the help of my Grandmother, a fellow illustrator) I began discovering my love of drawing from a young age.


I like to think my illustrations have improved considerably since then, and nowadays my inspiration can come from almost anywhere, but I find myself continually fascinated by the concept of imagination. Its ambiguousness is intriguing, and I like narratives where you can’t quite be sure whether something is really happening, or whether it is imagined.


Recently I’ve found myself rediscovering my love of the pencil. Texture is very important to the imagery I create, and I like how versatile such a simple, widespread tool can really be. Alongside this I feel that experimentation with limited colour palettes helps to make my illustrations stand out and keeps them playful. I like to apply these techniques in creating strange creatures and interesting characters, and exploring them through one-off illustrations and different narratives.


When I’m not scribbling away, I enjoy daydreaming, rescuing moths and endlessly re-reading Tove Jansson’s Moomin books.


One fifth of Flapjack Collective.


All images © Maia Fjord 2015, please do not use without permission.